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On the eve of the excursion, you will contacted for the time of departure

It takes around 1h30 from the shore to Ile aux Coco by boat

Ile aux Cocos is a natural sanctuary for seabirds, as well as his twin sister, Ile aux sables not far away.

A wonderful small circular beach all around the island, located in the lagoon, in the South West of Rodrigues.

Located 4 km to the west of Rodrigues, emerging from the lagoon, this strip of sand is a nature reserve where thousands of sea birds have sought shelter. It is no wonder then that Ile aux Cocos has become the main tourist attraction of Rodrigues.

To reach the island, it is necessary to sail the 4 km that separates it from the main island in a pirogue. The voyage sometimes turns into an adventure when the tide is low. At certain places, corals and rocks are just above the surface of the water, while at others, one needs to steer clear of a sandbank to avoid being stranded.

The lagoon is so shallow that the last kilometre will be covered by foot, in a few centimetres of water. This gives guests ample time to admire the island.

  • Pickup location: 

    Guests are requested to contact the reservation office for information on pick-up service.

  • Pickup time: (9.00 AM - 4.00 PM)
  • Drop-off time: (9.00 AM - 4.00 PM)


Embark at Pointe Diable in the small village of Baie du Nord situated in the west of the island. The boat is safe but guests must bring their own protection against the sun.

Being the most visited island of Rodrigues, it is obviously the most valuable treasure. Undeniably, with its rare seabirds and magnificent beaches, many people have remained astonished in contemplating the sight.

While walking along the beaches, guests will be transported into a calm and peaceful frame of mind, free from the constraints of daily life.

Cocos Island is a natural habitat for sea birds, just as the sister island Ile aux Sables not far from Ile Aux Cocos.

A wonderful small circular beach all around the island, located in the lagoon, in the South West of Rodrigues.

A full day which starts at 09h00 and ends at 16h00.

It takes 1 h 30 for the trip from the pick up point (Pointe Diable) to Ile Aux Coco by boat

Time of departure
The eve of your tour you will call you to give you the time of departure.

Once you reach the village of Pointe Diable, it is in a boat that you will make the trip to île - aux-Cocos. This island surrounded with a beautiful beach, declared as a nature reserve, is home to four species of rare birds. On the island you will have time to relax, take a sunbath or swim.

A picnic meal will be served at noon. At low tide, you need to count at least 20 min walk to take the boat or the coast.

Instructions to participants
Customers are asked to bring their sunscreen, bathing suit, beach towel, camera, sunglasses and hat.

Other Information
Following drinks will be available:-A note that the beverages will be served moderately.

• Local wine, local rum Punch
• Beer, mineral water, soft drink, fruit juice

A cold meal is served on the island which is declared a nature reserve. We will have to respect guidelines. (It is forbidden to eat meat on the island)

Octopus and fresh fish with several sauces
Raw and cooked salad


Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy
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Cancellation within 7 days of booking: 20% of full amount refunded
Cancellation within 72 hours of booking: 0% of full amount refunded

Big game fishing during peak and high season
Cancellation within 14 days of booking: 50% of full amount refunded

We recommend that you take our insurance policy, at the time of booking, in case of cancellation; the traveller will be covered subject to booking conditions outlined therein.
Any refund is effected 30 days end of month from date of approved refund from our accounting department.

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Children policy

Children below 12 years pay half price.

Participant Guidelines

Clients are advised to bring sun cream, bathing suit, towel, camera, sun glasses and hats.


Other Disclosures

The following drinks will be available on board: local punch, local wine, beer, mineral water, soft drinks and fruit juices.

Please note that the drinks will be served moderately.

Cold meal will be serving on the islet. The islet is a nature reserve and the operators have a guideline to respect (not allowed to bring any meat). The meal, thus, includes fresh octopus and fish in several sauce, green vegetable salad and cooked vegetables and green salads.